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LTC Healthcare are the manufacturer of EXS, Boys Own and Girls Own Condoms and EXS Water Based Paraben Free Lubricants. LTC Healthcare have been in business since 1993 and are one of the largest suppliers of condoms in the UK to the National Health Service (NHS)

LTC Healthcare offer the widest range of Sexual Health Products in the UK and Europe including; HIV Testing, Durex Bulk Condoms, EXS Retail and and EXS bulk condoms. LTC Healthcare offer condoms for the UK and export condom markets.

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About LTC Healthcare

LTC Healthcare has been providing quality condoms and safe sex products since 1993. Find out why we're trusted not only by the NHS, but as a manufacturing partner for a number of other brands too.

Manufacturing and Own Brand

LTC Healthcare Manufactures healthcare products to the highest possible standards. With our products attaining both CE and Kitmark safety standards, find out why LTC Healthcare exceeds expectations in our marketplace.


Our network of resellers, both online and in retail, is one of the most rapidly growing in the industry. Find out why our resellers favour the EXS and Boys Own ranges for their stores by clicking below.

Latest News
New EXS Flavoured Lube
New EXS Flavoured Lube

Introducing LTC Healthcare's new EXS Lubricant flavours

New EXS G-Lover launched
New EXS G-Lover launched

Our amazing G-Lover has been relaunched with new packaging and the same top-rated performance!